April 07, 2011


No. You don't have to do more math.  But you could sing a little. 
Do you remember learning to count by fives? 
And chanting them incessantly? 
I remember loving it... and to this day, I can't count nickels without singing that rhythm.

Fiiiive, tehhhh-en, fif-teen, tweeen-ty....

I wasn't counting nickels today, but it popped into my mind anyway, and I thought I'd share some bits about me... in groups of five.  Just for fun.

Five things in my purse...
5.  Burts Bees Clove chapstick.
5.  a very pretty crossword puzzle book... "easy."
5.  AA batteries... in case my camera runs out!
5.  my out-of-juice ipod.
5.  two chocolate & green starlight mints that I never ate after a beautiful breakfast out with a friend.

Five words that conjure beauty in my mind...
10.  love
10.  grace
10.  dessert
10.  shine
10.  friend

Five silly things that are so... me
15.  jumping in puddles.
15.  really loud laughter.
15.  ice cream earrings.
15.  uncontainable excitement that has my feet leaving the floor.
15.  dessert plates for every holiday & season.

Five lessons I have learned...
20.  be yourself, and let your children be themselves.
20.  when you finally gather the courage to stretch your box, you might find that it gives you the strength to stretch again.
20.  laugh, cry, love... one at a time, or all at once. 
20.  friendships are precious, and time spent sharing your heart is time very well spent.
20.  comfortable is good. necessary. a gift... and so very under-rated.

The picture doesn't have a thing to do with this post... but I thought it might ease the pain of the "counting-by-fives" song that will probably be stuck in your head all day!


Tina said...

love it, and yes it is stuck. I splashed Oakley in a puddle the other day, soaked him. He didn't see it coming, from me especially. Somehow I have turned into the don't get your shoes wet kind of mom. I will work on changing that!

Unknown said...

The picture is just beautiful! And all the dessert talk is making me giddy : ) I think I will have dessert for lunch instead of food : )

Busy Bee Suz said...

This made me laugh, made me smile and dangit YOU MADE ME SING!!!!

You are so adorable....and I still have my chocolate mint in my purse...saving if for a special person/moment.

ps. I always avoid puddles. I am a stick in the MUD! :9

Mamasita said...

LOVE your list(s) of FIVES!!! They made me smile! BIG SMILES!
Guess what? Tomorrow is your movie night!!! :-) I realize now that I have seen the trailer for this movie you are going to and it LOOKS AMAZING! :-) Have a wonderful time friend!
-Thank you for your sweet comment about the "just because" post AND I, too, have Burts Bees chapstick in my purse!

Southern Gal said...

Well, is this the Schoolhouse Rock! song? Because that's how I'm singing it in my head. My 9-year-old loves Schoolhouse Rock! (so grateful for YouTube) and sings the songs all the time. Threes and Pronouns are his favorites. Love this idea.

Anonymous said...

love, grace, dessert, shine, friend

Perfect! Have a great Friday.

Heathahlee said...

I love that you love loud laughter! 'Cause I laugh really loud! : ) Wishing we could have a real chat one day!

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