June 29, 2012

five minute friday: dance

The weary peeks out from behind beauty and grace, and she can't help but let a few tears fall. This horrific disease is making time... and just trying to stay in place is taking its toll. I take her hands and I pray... or at least ask God to read my mind, please, because my own words are jumbled.

Coming around to another topic we laugh and breathe... and I can see that her step is back. To see her in motion is to see the grace of a ballerina....her arms reach far and wide and embrace all that is before her. But what a friend knows, is that on the inside, her feet are tapping away, trying to keep one step ahead. Through it all she teaches me life. That to skip this dance, to not leap with wild abandon, is hardly life at all. Because when all is said and done, the place we land is Jesus.

Five Minute Friday

*and to take just a minute longer than my "5", if you feel moved to do so... and can unjumble a few thoughts into actual words, could i ask you to please pray for ann's healing? *



Elizabeth said...

I will pray for Ann's healing. I know and have known too many people with too many horrible diseases to not be filled with compassion for her.

Southern Gal said...

Praying for Ann.

Busy Bee Suz said...

Yes, yes and yes.

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