October 10, 2008

drive time

With my new job (is it really still new?) I am commuting... 30-45 minutes each way. It is very far... for a girl who used to be able to leave for work at 7:25 and still be early for 7:30. But I am adjusting. I actually don't mind the drive into work... if only I could just somehow zap myself back home at the end of the day! As far as the morning goes though... I have come to enjoy the drive. For about 35 minutes, I am sitting by myself... with not much to do except drive. I suppose to some it could be boring, but me? I like to amuse myself. There are my "commuter friends" that I don't really know... but I like to see them on the road. Same people, day after day... green-pooch-hooch-truck; ford-fam-of-8; K-fish truck; zippy-little-red-car... I wonder of they "know" me? And then there is the scenery... and the birds... and the sky. I'm happy that I have the time to look around and see, while watching the road, of course. My favorite thing to do? No, not count the ladies out there that didn't have time to put their make-up on at home (curling your lashes in the car? Come on!) My favorite thing to do, is to listen to my radio station... listen, and worship. When a song comes on I have the time to really listen to the lyrics, and think about them. I do love Christian Hit Radio! It is my time to just listen... and sing... and worship. But most of all, listen... because if I listen carefully, I can hear His voice... connecting these amazing lyrics to my heart... to my life.

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