October 02, 2008

pick and choose

There are days when I am sure I can do it all... and there are days when I try. But success? Rare. I just can't do it all, and satisfy every need. And it just leads to suffering... guess who suffers the most? Yes... me. If I let someone down, I am sad. If I accomplish everything, I am exhausted. But I haved learned... to pick and choose... and occasionally, I actually say no. I have learned over the years that we make time for what we love the most- so I make time for family and friends... and I probably put off housework just a bit too long! Today was one of those days though... I just had to try to fit it all in. Work- yes, of course. Lunch with my husband- a bright spot in my day. Racing home for dinner- delicious, and prepared with love, and charcoal. Volleyball- I had to go... and see my friend (and her daughter playing!)... too close to home to miss it, and for twenty minutes, I sat still and enjoyed. Campaign meeting- a must do... but overwhelming. Publix- I just needed a few things. Bedtime- not me, but the kids... I chose to take a few extra minutes for snuggling... they are worth it. And now? I'm exhausted. But I accomplished a lot today... I even did my campaign "homework." My heart rate is slowing down, and I can feel the rush seeping away. Thank you, God. Carry me. It's only a few short steps to sleep... Let me rest- so I can start again tomorrow.

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Busy Bee Suz said...

seriously, you are the new busy bee. take it easy. enjoy each step. Enjoy each day.....breathe.....
I wish someone would have told me that 5 years ago. but you know what I would have said? I don't have time to slow down...
take care. Suz
crap. I forgot about the mulch. :0

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