October 24, 2008

so they will know

My box is stretching... that box that I find myself in day after day. I'm not quite ready to break down the walls yet, but I can feel the possibility. Two days ago I stood out on the corner of a busy intersection holding a political sign. I waved, people honked... some looked away. But it doesn't matter- I was out there for something I believe in. For most, the presidential election is the main focus of the vote this year... but not for me. I am fighting for a local school referendum. It will have the biggest personal impact on my family's life. Yes, bigger than who is elected president. So I am fired up... waving signs... making campaign buttons... going to meetings... bouncing new ideas around... talking to people... spending every waking non-working minute on this referendum. I want it to pass, but more than that? I want my kids to know that they can make a difference. There is so much in this world that is not just or right... and there are opportunities to make your voice heard. I want them to know that it is okay- no, more than okay to go out there and do something about it. I hope they see that their Mom is way beyond her comfort zone, but doing what is right anyway. I hope they know how hard I am fighting for them. I hope that someday, when they feel despair, they can look back on this experience and remember that sometimes you have to make your own way... sometimes people agree, and sometimes they don't- but keep on going. I am tired... I wonder how I will feel if this does not pass... I am exhilarated... I am making a difference- so they will know. And as my friend Steven says... Gotta-do gotta-do.

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Busy Bee Suz said...

You are setting a fantastic example for the kids. Kudos to you. I know you have worked tirelessly on this. I thought the other day too, "I wonder how she will feel if it does NOT pass". All your hard work.
I only hope you do have to deal with that aspect of it all.
Good JOB friend.

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