October 03, 2008

in one hour

To say that I work better under pressure would be an understatement... a major understatement. A more accurate statement would be- I work under pressure. This doesn't apply to my work life though, just my home life. Why? I can't explain it... the home people are really so much more important than the work people... but these home people are also my distractions... my lovely distractions. And so, daily, I put so many to-do list items aside... so I can play. The result? Yes... little time to do quite a lot. This weekend, the girls are going away to play (& "work" in Laura's case, I suppose!) And my house is a mess. Piles of clutter... dirty socks, dropped wherever a boy happens to be standing... counters littered with breakfast crumbs (and honestly, probably dinner crumbs as well)... the list goes on. I love to be able to escape for a day or two- but when I come home, I love for home to be just as nice as away was... and so the pressure was on. One hour to make this house of mine presentable... so I know that I accomplished work before play... so that Eric will know that I want the house to be nice for him, too... so that when my Mom & Sister come to pick me up they could use the bathroom without being grossed out... so that I can walk out the door knowing that when I walk in, I will not be faced with a disaster zone. One hour. That is no small order. But give me a little pressure (or a lot) and I can perform. No stopping, no distractions, no TV. Clutter piles gone (or at least out of my sight)- check! Socks in the laundry- check! Counters clean and dishes put away- check! Bathroom clean(er)- check! Floors vacuumed- check! Mission accomplished!

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