October 20, 2008

a little game

Okay- I have been procrastinating... again. Suz tagged me, and now I have to play her little game- only, I don't know seven people to tag, so I guess I'll just be "it" forever... just like when I was little... But here goes... seven things about me:

1. I hate to lose track of friends... those friends who I have lost touch with but still think about on a very regular basis. Sometimes I run into them at Publix and stand in the aisle talking forever while my ice cream is melting, and sometimes I just keep calling and leaving messages... hoping that they'll have time to call back to just say hi.

2. I am not a good typist. I thought my new job would correct that, with being at the computer all day, but no. Thank goodness for delete and backspace! Perhaps I should have taken typing in high school instead of art.

3. I was scared to go to college, because I didn't want to have to write a paper. Really. I did very well in school, and when the principal found out I wasn't applying anywhere, I was called down to the office. Trouble! I already had my mind made up not to go... so nothing he said made any difference, and I'm sure he thought I was crazy. But, we had a family business, and all I ever wanted to be was a Mom. Do I regret it? Only after I was a substitute teacher for 5 years, and then had the thought that I could've been a real teacher if I had just gone to college. But no real regrets... I'm a happy Mom.

4. I love ice cream, but I probably don't have a favorite flavor. Ones I love? Mint chip, fudge brownie, coconut almond... the list could go on forever! Favorite flavor combination? Fudge Brownie, Black Raspberry & Pistachio. Yes, really.

5. I love to teach myself new things... knitting, crocheting, photoshop... the only thing is, I never get really good at something. I just find something new to teach myself instead.

6. I would love to ride through the canopy of a rain forest on one of those zip lines.

7. I could spend hours, or days, in a bookshop. I'd prefer a little hometown shop, but I'll take a chain store if I have to. Being surrounded by books is a perfect way to spend the day...

Okay... I did it. Seven things about me. I probably didn't shock anyone with my facts, but I hope maybe I made you smile!


HappyWifeHappyLife said...

I am so WITH you on #1 - it BUGS me lose track of friends.... I take it very personally....
And also on #4 - LOVE ice cream (have you tried Haagen Dazs 'Dulce de Leche'? Oh my... ALMOST better than sex. Almost.
And also on #7. I'm actually considering getting a P/T job over Christmas at either Barnes & Noble or Borders.... simply because I'm OBSESSED with books. :-)

Loved your list! :-)

Dawn said...

thanks! i don't think it turned out half bad... for being homework from the Bee!

Busy Bee Suz said...

that is great. I am surprised about the college thing...but then again, it's a bit of the same kind of story for me. Well, not the family business, but the "not" wanting to go. (or ever being offered to go)
Oh, and you are fantastic at most things you do. Scrapbooking? hello? you put me to shame. Crafts?? You are the bomb.
Icecream...yes, you do love it.
Books and book stores, I knew that...
Thanks for sharing.
See, it didn't hurt at all!

Life with Kaishon said...

That coconut almond ice cream sounds good.

I can't figure out photoshop that good. It drives me crazy. It takes so much time and I do love the pictures...the ones I can find. Sometimes I will work on a picture for 20 minutes and LOSE it. Seriously!

Dawn said...

that's funny rebeckah! i know you mean you lose your picture, but me? i just "lose it" and give up!

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