October 01, 2008

never searching

Over the weekend, Laura & I headed out on a little mission... to find a dress for her first high school Homecoming dance. She & her friends will go together in their little group. So what's a girl to wear? I know her... and I know that she likes what she likes, and won't typically be swayed. She knows who she is... who she wants to be. She was a good sport... my girl who would rather not shop... or, at least "try on." We talked and decided that she should try on a lot (groan) just to see what styles she liked... and didn't like. I have walked by numerous "party dresses" over the past few years... waiting for this moment... to see her in one of those satin dresses.
And of course, she looked beautiful in each and every one she tried on. Beautiful, yes. Comfortable, no. Too low, too tight (fitted), too itchy... She really was a good sport. There were a couple that were... okay, in her eyes. But I wanted her to love it. I want her to have that feeling of being dressed up and feeling beautiful. There is a difference between someone saying you look beautiful, and actually feeling it yourself- and I wanted that for her. And so... I sew.

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Busy Bee Suz said...

Oh, if only I could sew one myself. Because lord knows the stores don't make the "perfect" dress...like you said, it can be too low, too tight, too short etc...good for you.
I am dreading taking Lo. I just got over the drama from last year.
And now, it has to match her cast. pray for me.

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