October 31, 2008

see how they've grown

Once upon a time, there were two, sweet, little blond girls who had been signed up for swimming lessons. They had never met, but because they were so sweet, they had a lot of fun splashing in the pool, learning to swim. I believe God must have fashioned this meeting, because by His hand, they ended up in the very same pre-school class, even though one little girl was signed up for a totally different pre-school. These beautiful girls played together everyday at school, but their first out-of-school activity was riding on a float in the Swamp Buggy Parade. These little ones became inseparable, and out and about, people thought they were twins. No. Not these girls... but perhaps, sisters of the heart? The years have passed... a lot of them... and although these girls don't see each other every day, they remain close... and our families grow closer every year. Life would just not be quite as entertaining, if not for this family we hold so dear... no eyeglasses in the Little Mermaid tent... no 9-1- dialed and waiting... no slip & slide parties... But we continue to entertain, and be entertained by this friendship... forever, I hope. Last weekend, I took this photo for posterity... and made two Moms cry. I suppose that in another ten years, we'll have to drag these girls back from wherever their adventures have led them, for another milestone Swamp Buggy Parade photo.


Busy Bee Suz said...

This is so awesome!!!!! How great are you to be able to see both of those pics together. I love it.

HappyWifeHappyLife said...

How sweet! Amazing how QUICKLY kids grow up, isn't it?

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