October 11, 2008

oh, the frustration

Tonight is the homecoming dance... and I have not quite completed Laura's dress. So why am I blogging instead of sewing? Because I do not know how to follow directions...

Did you ever have to take that test in school... the one that begins with Read all of the directions before you begin. I think the second instruction reads Write your name on your paper, which, of course, you do- because that is pretty much a no-brainer. and then you continue on circling, and underlining, etc... until you reach the last instruction, which reads Do not write anything on this paper. That's me... rush in head first and figure it all out on my own-because certainly, I will be able to find some shortcut, and will be way ahead of the game. Hmmm... perhaps not. Because I came to this instruction around 10am... today: Did you see the one I mean? The one that says Allow garment to hang overnight? I think I'm out of luck on that one. If I had read ahead maybe I wouldn't have procrastinated so long. Maybe... maybe not. Regardless, I am allowing the garment to hang. Do you think an hour is long enough?

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Busy Bee Suz said...

Certainly we were seperated at birth. I have the same problem. Of course an hour is plenty of time. Those people who write the instructions have not a clue. ;)
It is 3 hours before the dance. Lo is on the computer finishing up a big history project so she can ATTEND the dance. I just put highlights in her hair, at her desk, as she worked.
Most of her friends are getting hair and nails done today....not my girl. :)

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