October 07, 2008

worth the trip

Life is busy... going here and there... running back and forth... trying to be everything to everyone. I keep trying to remind myself that this is temporary... this insanity. Soon the campaign will be over... and marching season will end... and there will be more free hours in the day. There are days when my husband contributes to my insanity... and there are other days when he keeps me from it. This afternoon, as I was racing home from work, knowing that I'd be racing out for a meeting after dinner, he talked me through my racing emotions. He said all of the right things... with the right tone of voice. He slowed me down... so I could think. And he suggested I just stay in town and kill time until the meeting. In my mind, I was trying to make the best decision... time with my family, or saving gas. And then there it was... the answer. Drive home... spend one hour with them... those people who make it all worth it. Spend one hour focused on life... not the craziness surrounding it. Live... don't just kill time. When I pulled into the driveway I propelled myself to the kitchen, where my husband was making dinner for our family... where my husband's arms were waiting for me... where he, for one hour, erased the insanity that was racing in my mind... where he showed me, once again, that God's love is our perfect example... and that the love we share comes from Him.

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Busy Bee Suz said...

Very sweet. Sorry that you are running like a crazy person...you are too good. Take care. Suz

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