November 17, 2008

sunday night out

Sunday nights are for preparing for the week ahead... folding and ironing laundry... or at least what I think I might wear on Monday.
Sunday nights are for gathering up backpacks, lunch boxes and miscellaneous items scattered around the house.
Once in a while though, you have to skip it.
Our favorite bookstore just opened up at a new location... and tonight is the only night we could all go together. Monday morning might be tough, but sometimes you have to throw caution to the wind.
Books, books, and more books... lined up just so... with stories just waiting to be told. Interactive quizzes beeping and buzzing under Cam's fingers...
Laughter under her breath as she pages through an amusing book...
Moments that I cherish... knowing that we have raised two children who absolutely love the mystery and adventure that unfolds, page after page.

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Busy Bee Suz said...

Looks like a fun night. I must be living under a rock, I don't know where this is!!!

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