August 25, 2008

christian hit radio

Our family has been listening to the same radio station for ten years. Yes, ten... and all of us love it. Yes, even the kids! It started out as a challenge we put out for our youth group- try to listen to Way FM for 30 minutes a day, and see what happens. I can't even remember if any of them took on the challenge, but Eric & I did. And what happened? I didn't have to change the channel if a morning show got a little raunchy... and there were little voices in the backseat singing along to praise and worship music... and it seemed we were hooked to what our little kiddos called "Christian Hit Radio!" Even now, all these years later, this is what they choose to listen to. Someone once made a comment that it was all we allowed them to listen to, but no... it is what they know and what they choose. I consider it a powerful tool in our kids upbringing- clean lyrics, music that lifts our hearts to God, artists who care more about Jesus than the money they can make being famous, and most of all- some of the best teachable moments we've shared. One of Laura's favorite singers has all but disappeared from the radio- Stacy Orrico. Her message to young girls was "Don't look at me, look at Him." She had a few great hits, and her songs became popular in the mainstream music, too. And that was when she said she'd had enough. I loved that. She was not willing to compromise what she believed in for fame and fortune. One of the radio personalities ws speaking about her the other day... said she walked away from it- and is waitressing somewhere. What amazing faith... Cam & I were listening Saturday morning to Toby Mac... and we were singing along. I took the opportunity to talk about what his words meant. "I don't want to gain the whole world and lose my soul." Wow. There really are people out there who just want to sing for Jesus. People who are doing what they love, for who they love... and it is enough. It makes an impact on us every day... as we listen, learn... and sing our praises.

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