August 20, 2008

today is the day

After a one day reprieve (thanks, Tropical Storm Fay!) Laura & Cam will head off to begin the new school year. This is a big day for me emotionally. I clearly remember Laura heading off to kindergarten, wondering where the time had gone...
And then Camden's first day of kindergarten arrived before I could blink.
And now? Elementary school is over. And off they go...
My beautiful girl is heading off to high school. We've been excited for this... and the marching band, but now that the day is here, it is slightly heart stopping. She's not nervous... just ready. I am in awe of her confidence and I am loving her sweet, funky hair.
And Camden is starting middle school. He told me yesterday that he changed his mind about middle school since the summer began. Now he's excited to go, and he's bound and determined to make a new friend today. I don't doubt that he will. His personality is so bright and he is such a good friend... I can't imagine his day will be any less than he hopes it will be.
So I'm sending them off with a kiss and a hug... and a prayer in their pocket. I can't wait to hear all of the details of their days... when they are home safe and sound after a day of bright adventure.
(it has never, in 10 years of first days of school, rained as they were heading off! Thanks, Tropical Storm Fay!)

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