August 22, 2008

a little joy

It's finally here- Friday! It should feel like a short week, with the storm on Tuesday, but somehow it just made the week weird... and long. But now it's the weekend, and I feel free! So, what will I do today? I'm going over to the elementary school to volunteer. It seems almost like a sickness, but I need to do be there. I've thought about it (there I go again!) and wondered why I feel the need to go back and volunteer somewhere that I used to work. Suddenly it came to me-I have been volunteering over there for eight years. For the past two years, I just happen to have been also collecting a paycheck, for something that I love. I do love that school... it is part of my heart. And so I will go and help where I can, visit with my friends... and that little part of my heart that belongs to CES will swell with joy.

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