August 15, 2008


Marching band has begun... and Laura is now part of the Marching Pride at her high school. Wow. Off she went to band camp, excited and unsure... and she came home excited and happy. I expected exhaustion. I expected mild complaining. I expected frustration. (Why? Because it is pretty vivdly imprinted in my mind- those memories from my own band camp days.) I was pleasantly surprised though... she just came home happy. The first day she showed us how they have to stand at attention- clasped hands with a shout of "pride!" And I could see, in that moment, the pride she felt in her accomplishment of day one. I could see that she knew what it really meant to stand with pride and feel it. I have thought, and worried, that I have not taught my children well enough what it means to work hard... what it means to give your all and really mean it. And now, maybe she is starting to understand. I feel hopeful.

Tonight, after a week and a half of camp, we were treated to a mini performance by the Marching Pride. We invited our family to come along- because we have all been so excited about this adventure and full of anticipation! Just hearing the cadence of the drum line was enough to put my heart in my throat, and the tears behind my eyes. And then there they were, the band... and there she was, our daughter... marching... in time. It was so much more that I expected to feel... it is going to be an awesome adventure.

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