August 28, 2008

on the road again

After quite a long hiatus, my friend and I have returned to our early morning walks... and I am thrilled. I have missed her- our chatting, our advice for each other, just sharing in general. Of course, none of that could be shared here, because what is said in the wee small hours of the morning, stays there! I do love the fresh start to the morning, especially the stars so bright up in the still dark sky. When I am walking down the street to meet my walking buddy, the same words sing praise in my mind...
I can't even imagine
How He made it happen
To see the silver moon from afar
It's almost unbelievable
It's truly inconceivable
To think of all the billions of stars

Every time. Those beautiful heavenly stars... they humble me. And I realize that it's not just my body that is getting that fresh start to the day... Sometimes that alarm buzzes, and we are off running, forgetting that the best way to start our day is with a heartfelt prayer- even a short one. So I am thankful... for this block of my day that is just for me... to share with a friend. It's not taking time away from any member of my family... and it is providing me with the fuel I need to be me.
lyrics from You're My God... Jaci Velasquez.


HappyWifeHappyLife said...

Boy, this is so true. Lately, I have been "up and running" as soon as the alarm goes off.... and putting God way too far on my back burner. I can't help but think how it must grieve HIM, as well as hurt me. It is good that I read this. I need to make that morning quiet time with Him my FIRST priority.

Thanks for posting this.

HappyWifeHappyLife said...

Just wanted to let you know.... I took an early morning walk today. My son (who gets up early so he can play video games "unencumbered by other family members" was shocked...) "Why are you up so early, Mom?" "Because I'm going to take a walk and have some quiet time, honey..."

It was fabulous. I sang, and marveled at the early morning sky, and thanked God for his awe-inspiring love....

Thanks for helping to re-center me!

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