August 21, 2008

a great day

I guess I kind of set myself up for it... pulling out those sweet kindergarten photos may just have been my downfall. After I dropped Cam off, and was on my way to work, it hit me... hard. Both of my babies, growing up so quickly! Remember, I am the Mom who drops her kids off at camp, or the airport, and hardly gives them a second thought until they are home again... the Mom who loves how independent her kids are. Well, they may be independent, but yesterday, I could have used a hug... or two. I am always happy when Laura & Cam head off for a new adventure with only excitement... I don't want them to look back at me and be be the slightest bit sad or unsure... that means I have accomplished what I set out to do. It makes me happy! Yesterday, I let myself have my Mommy moment... and then left work early so I could be home to find out how it all went! Both Laura and Cam had great days. They navigated the walkways of their new schools without incident... and enjoyed seeing friends along the way. It is going to be a great year.

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