May 01, 2008

may day

Today we turn a to a fresh page on the calendar...May! It's almost summer...almost summer vacation. And it is May Day. I don't really know too much about the significance of May Day, but I do know that every May Day, my Grandma S would make May Baskets...cups decorated with rows of bright tissue paper, filled with candy- mostly those royal caramels. It's a sweet memory...and a tradition that I've continued to pass down. The kids and I make a few...and deliver them around to neighbors and teachers. Sometimes it's a complete secret....and sometimes not. It doesn't's the thought that counts! And the smile it brings. I love to make people smile- to brighten someone's day with the unexpected. I might not make it around to your door with a May basket...but know, that sweet summer is on it's way and I'm wishing you a smile.


Suzanne said...

You and your traditions. I LOVE it.
Summer is almost know what that means???
We will have to see each other at least one time!!!!

carie said...

i love the traditions you have continued to carry are giving yourself, your friends and most of your children such a gift by honoring others that way!!!! you rock, girl!!!

HappyWifeHappyLife said...

May is wonderful - the Spring pollens are gone, but yet it's not super hot.... the kids are GIDDY about the impending Summer. I love May!

Good for you to create these traditions - stuff like that is so meaningful! Hooray for May!

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